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Name Dr. Napalm 16/05/28(Sat)05:33 No.29318  
There is no God....
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)09:49 No.29320  
Arent they already female? Or are the MP male clones while the original evas where female? would explain why the MP's are stockier.
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)10:21 No.29321  
Shouldn't Unit 01 be the only female? All the rest were cloned from Adam.
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)13:28 No.29322  
Kill yourself faggot.
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)19:00 No.29323  
Are you sure? though eva 00 and 02 were imperfect copies of lillith. then a again Kaoru did say he had the same properties as him. But he also confused adam with lillith so who know... al iknow is MP's have a different less slender form than the other evas.

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