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Name Grummancat 15/10/10(Sat)01:44 No.5572  
For those reading it, here is the new chapter. This pretty much wraps up the long phase of character exposition as I will be focusing on the SEELE/NERV stuff from Chapter 19.

WARNING, this is an alternate universe ReiXKaworu pairing. NSFW. If anyone needs a SFW version just say so.

I also included some Rei Ayanami wedding dress/boudoir/nude photographs as a sort of bonus.

>> Name Anonymous 15/10/11(Sun)02:13 No.5573  
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/11(Sun)09:23 No.5574  
As a fan of Rei's, I'm thoroughly disgusted.
I mean that, truly, in a way which actually makes me sad as well.
>> Name Grummancat 15/10/11(Sun)13:21 No.5575  
Very sorry to offended, although with this pairing I knew I was bound to get into trouble with at least some people. Maybe a lot. Believe it or not, I do care for Rei and couldn't leave her completely out of it a la Re-Take. In the end, I believed I had a good relationship going. I stuck to my guns and I'll take my beatings for it. I'm just happy to have all the character-centric stuff out of the way and get back to what was making the comic work up through Volume 2.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/11(Sun)15:06 No.5576  

Dont worry Grumma, Reifans are very easy to offend.
>> Name Grummancat 15/10/13(Tue)00:15 No.5579  
Yeah, I'm afraid I lost the Reifans the minute this became a AxS comic. :/
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/25(Sun)22:35 No.5595  

The best thing to do is to leave Rei completely out of it. Re-Take didn't do that. It included Rei just to humiliate the character and to make Asuka look better by comparison, and you're doing the same by degrading the character, putting it together with Kaworu of all people.

You aren't any different.

If you're going to venture into a toxic and nauseating ship story of your own design, leave unrelated characters out of it.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/26(Mon)01:37 No.5596  

If 5595 is so offended then maybe he/she should draw up his/her OWN series. Otherwise STFU.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/26(Mon)02:41 No.5597  

Ah, the classic "If you don't like it, then make something better/something like it" retort. Never once been valid, you know.

Then again, maybe I could make a reverse-Re-Take or a reverse[insert thing here], but what'd that get me or you? Just a reply from you being disgusted? Of course I won't do that.
Regardless of the 'side chosen', it's still disgusting and shouldn't be done on matter of principle.

Grumman is free to make whatever he wants, and I'm free to opine on as well as make whatever I want. (Regardless of unfortunate that might be)
If you're so offended by that, why don't you take a hike, or at least provide some constructive commentary as to why you're offended?

I did not even expect a reply, just so it's said. But now I do.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/26(Mon)09:59 No.5599  
>it together with Kaworu of all people

But that' s canon. Rei and Kaworu ended up together. Literally.
>> Name Grummancat 15/10/26(Mon)15:12 No.5601  

I will always reply when the criticism is at least reasonable and not trolling. To be fair, I expected at least some backlash (heck, that's why I put the whole warning in OP) and I'm surprised this is the first major criticism I've heard of the pairing in this comic, so I wouldn't call it unreasonable by any stretch. As you say, anyone can object, I wouldn't presume to control or regulate feedback. I'm hardly the first fan-author to pair these two, so I'll take my beatings and get back to work on the main story.

Given the fundamental differences in character backgrounds from canon NGE, it's natural to me that Rei and Kaworu wouldn't be genetically related in any way.

While you argue that I'm no different from what RE-Take did, there's still the fact that I just plain wanted to do it for my own reasons so I will appeal to those who like it, but not those who don't. That's the price of picking one or the other.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/26(Mon)16:16 No.5602  

>I'm surprised this is the first major criticism I've heard of the pairing in this comic,

Because everyone ignores it despite hating it. It's an irregularity that I bothered to voice my criticism.

>there's still the fact that I just plain wanted to do it for my own reasons so I will appeal to those who like it, but not those who don't.

The author of Re-Take or any defamatory doujin/fanfiction can say exactly the same. They all did it for their own reasons, and what they (might) have in common with you is that these reasons are shallow and disgusting.

For Re-Take there is an element of Asuka fandom that wants to promote Asuka, but in doing so ends up denying the Asuka they're supposed to be a fan of. The Asuka they claim to be a fan of isn't even half as successful or as sturdy mentally as the one in their stories. It's a nearly unconscious action that's born from the deep-seated truth that Asuka isn't even close to being what they want the character to be.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/26(Mon)16:39 No.5603  
Then there's the second element of actively denying/degrading other characters, which is a conscious and necessary choice to get to the "right" narrative.
This part here is what you're guilty of, as Rei is merely included to put her out of harms way so to speak. The backgrounds are changed into something that would never fit the series even as a "what if". It's not a genuine story of Rei or even Kaworu, and I dare say the same for Shinji and Asuka.

Re-Take does this by making other characters dislike or be violent with Rei, and has Rei herself written into a purely pathetic character. Kaworu is summarily designated evil and offed. Rei is chastised for being an Angel, whilst Asuka and Shinji are now also made Angels without any negative remarks whatsoever.

You do it by making a pairing out of two characters that don't make sense and is in violation of the characters they're based on. (plus the negative character changes to either)

Different, but the goals are the same.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/26(Mon)17:04 No.5604  
I know this is all tl;dr, but take at least this from it:

There is no "price to pay" by just choosing. You made this, no other, and for reasons that have little to do with the character.

If you need to create a universe that fundamentally changes the characters into something that denies their true characters, then your "choice" is clearly not genuine or valid.

Whenever you say you like Rei, Shinji or hell, even Asuka then its obvious you dont, and this story is the proof.
>> Name Grummancat 15/10/27(Tue)03:25 No.5607  

Sometimes there is a price to pay and this is a good example. I still feel strongly about my reasons for going ahead with it, and I know how I feel about it all. Obviously there are people who like and and those who don't, and we're not going to convince each other at this point. I obviously disagree about the degrading of these characters and whether it indicates if I 'like' them or not.

While you do raise some good points, there has been a lot of positive feedback on the chapter as well, so I have to take the good and the bad as a whole and I would hope people continue to speak their minds.

Take care.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/27(Tue)05:10 No.5608  
>>5603 5602 5604

You're giving grumman a disproportionate amount of grief over something that's not NEARLY as disgusting as you would have people believe. Especially when compared to some of the actually vulgar shit fanwankers get up to. This? This is nothing! Actually beautiful if you don't mind Kaworu/Rei parings.

>>Whenever you say you like Rei, Shinji or hell, even Asuka then its obvious you dont

This is so wildly off base, it really smells more like a vendetta or some other ulterior motive.

I must concur with 5596. It's time to STFU and find something else to read.

>>Because everyone ignores it despite hating it. It's an irregularity that I bothered to voice my criticism.

Ah, the good old 'everyone agrees with me, they're just not saying it' defense. Kinda reminds me of those animals that huff out their membranes to look bigger and scarier than they really are.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/27(Tue)05:16 No.5609  

Nobody doubts you have reasons. But you are not forthcoming about them because as I point out as a possibility, they aren't wholesome or genuine in terms of being in the story's or character's best interests.

It doesn't help running away by saying we'll agree to disagree, that in itself is the admission that I'm probably right - otherwise you could have had some sort of counter.

To repeat myself: There really is no price to pay in just writing a story or choosing. By writing stories as you have, you are creating a debt, not paying a price. You're loaning from a story and misspending it's assets, grossly and wrongly allocating them for your own selfish desires.

It's bad.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/27(Tue)05:24 No.5610  

>You're giving grumman a disproportionate amount of grief

Definitely when compared to others, that's true. He mentions one of them, the author of Re-Take. That is one of the reasons I gave him grief, since he claimed was "not like them" when all he is is a Re-Take light.

A thought experiment for the ones who lack empathy, imagine that I wrote a "Rei-Take" as it were. It is the same thing only it does to Asuka what Re-Take does to Rei. You believe it will be worse than what NGE did to Asuka and far better for Rei than what NGE did. What would that make me?

>Ah, the good old 'everyone agrees with me, they're just not saying it' defense.

Obviously this refers to not everyone, just those who don't like it. They're not likely to reply. Like I said earlier, it was a spontaneous thing to actually reply. Usually I ignore.
>> Name Grummancat 15/10/27(Tue)12:10 No.5611  

You can call it running away, but I just don't see how we will convince each other of anything at this point, so I'm practically talked out. I enjoy a debate just fine, and if I were inclined to run away, we wouldn't even have talked this much. When I feel I'm at a deadlock, I usually just call it and move on.

It's hard to be forthcoming as you say about the reasons in a public discussion when so much of what I like about this pairing depends on scenes which I haven't drawn yet, and therefore would be spoilers. I only said this was the end of the love triangle and the dedicated character exploration chapters.

To repeat myself, I also disagree about whether there was a price to pay in making this choice of shipping. Sorry, but I just don't think this is the right fan work for you, and I don't have any other way to explain it.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/27(Tue)13:04 No.5612  

Obviously it's not the right fan work for me. It's also not the right fanwork for anyone who appreciates Rei either.

When people start to mention that they don't think they can convince or be convinced, it is running away. The goal is not to convince but to have a
conversation. This sounds basic, but consider this:

Of all the points raised, you've addressed none. There isn't even a defense on your part. You can't say you enjoy a debate without even trying to dismantle any of my points or making any of your own. (That aren't relating to claims of deadlock)

Just a simple question, if you're making a A/S, K/S, M/S, R/S or whatever fanwork, why include the other characters to this degree? We know why Re-Take does it. Your presentation of Rei is one that's cuckolded and paired together with a character she doesn't care for in the original.
Why are you different?
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/28(Wed)05:45 No.5613  
You're doing fine, Grumman. Don't let one hater change the way you do the comic. The rest of us love it.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/28(Wed)13:31 No.5614  
ITT: arguing over a fictional character.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/30(Fri)00:08 No.5618  
For god's sake...why does the Rei fandom mostly consist of obnoxious autistic morons? Barely come across a comment which doesn't immediately cause eye cancer...
>> Name Rei Fan Number 014348 15/10/30(Fri)04:33 No.5621  

Um, I don't think most of us are like this. Many of us are quite adaptable really. I think the problem comes when anyone takes a fan work WAY too seriously as 5612 has most assuredly done. Sprinkle in a little autism and you're ready for a never ending battle to see who's dumbest.

>>Obviously it's not the right fan work for me.

That's where it would end if you were a sane and rational person.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/30(Fri)08:00 No.5622  
Somehow I think there's exactly #1 Rei fan in this thread, and the rest are Asuka fans pretending.

Really pathetic.
>> Name Anonymous 15/10/30(Fri)09:55 No.5624  

For pathetic, you've come to the right place, but it seems like 5612 takes the cake.

Actually, I rather endorse your theory about there only being 1 Reifag in the thread, but that's because I agree with 5618.
>> Name Anonymous 15/11/02(Mon)01:27 No.5629  
Eye cancer...eye cancer...eyes are bleeding...AAAHHHHH
>> nice things Name Anonymous 16/03/07(Mon)03:57 No.5891  
this is why we can't have them
>> fAZyWuizv Name Aggy 16/05/20(Fri)03:09 No.5989  
Kewl you should come up with that. Exntllece!

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